Through the years, to give an increasingly aware and skilled service, our company has decided to improve the design division, as well as to hire new technicians. What was the objective? Giving our customer an all inclusive service.

From the first business contact to the presentation of the compliances of the system / plant, our company is in the electricity sector in all its aspect, from design to production. From the design of light and FM distribution systems to special systems, from the design of low voltage electrical panels to the design of automation systems. PLC/HMI software and set in motion of the systems, in Italy and worldwide. The team of technicians that cooperates with us on a permanent basis has a long-lasting experience experience on the job, and linguistic skills that allow them to communicate with customers all over the world.

Design of  electrical panels at the service of machines and of automatic systems

Design of electrical and special systems

Design and production of command and control software for PLC and HMI.

Transport and handling

The company is part of the consortium , which allows us to give a complete service on the whole production chain of industrial automation